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Investment Management Mergers & Acquisitions

Business Profile

Private equity and M&A is a core business of V&T Law Firm. V&T Law Firm maintains partnerships with many major investment banks, private equity firms, and institutional investors. With rich legal resources in the investment and financial industries, we are dedicated to providing clients with one-stop legal and compliance services.


V&T Law Firm provides legal and compliance services for private equity firms throughout the entire industry chain, including securities investment funds, equity investment funds, real estate investment funds, merger & acquisition funds, alternative investment funds, government-backed funds, and foreign investment funds. Our legal services include legal consultation regarding market threshold issues, and we assist with routine compliance matters for managers and fund products. We also provide legal consultation for agents and managers engaged in dispute resolution regarding investment risk control and legal risk prevention for fund operation, investment, and financing.



Our legal services include:


  • Special legal services for private equity funds regarding market threshold issues (manager registration and fund filling)
  • Legal consultation regarding routine compliance for various private equity funds
  • Legal services for fund raising and investor qualifications of private equity funds
  • Legal services for compliance advice and fund structure design for tax planning and to help avoid investment risks of fund managers
  • Legal services for project due diligence and drafting transaction documentation required for trading structures
  • Legal services for information disclosure, post-investment follow-up, and risk control during the term of the fund
  • Legal services for secondary trading markets during the term of the fund, such as share transfers
  • Tailored legal training for funds on latest industry rules
  • Legal services for funds regarding professional training and remediation to satisfy the requirements of regulatory authorities, industry associations, and special inspections
  • Representing clients to resolve disputes arising out of fund exits and the investment & financing process (inclusive of legal services for assets protection, litigation, and execution) 
  • Other professional legal services as required 
Service Performance
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  • 中国风险投资有限公司的其他专项事务
  • 天润资本管理(北京)有限公司的其他专项事务
  • 中交投资基金管理(北京)有限公司的私募基金管理人重大事项变更
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  • 国投万和资产管理有限公司的企业法律顾问
  • 标信智链(杭州)科技发展有限公司的常年法律顾问
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