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V&T Intellectual Property


V&T Intellectual Property Firm was jointly established by Qianhai V&T Management Consulting Co., Ltd., professional IP lawyers, and senior patent and trademark attorneys. It provides innovative legal services to clients regarding the creation, protection, and use of intellectual property.



Our attorneys are experts regarding the Patent Law of the PRC, intellectual property litigation, patent operation, and patent portfolios. They have been involved in numerous influential IP infringement cases, and have represented GPNE Company in its patent infringement lawsuit against Apple Inc., and Nokia in its patent infringement lawsuit regarding mobile phones. They have also provided IP services to over 100 domestic and foreign enterprises like Huawei, China Resources, Fangda Group, ZTE, Mindray, Netac, Ernest Borel, Minan Insurance, Hong Kong Yau Lee Group, and Hong Kong Burley Electronics.


Our professionals have extensive experience in IP agency, maintenance, and dispute resolution. Our founders have served as Vice President of the Shenzhen Lawyers Association, Vice Director of the Intellectual Property Committee of the Shenzhen Lawyers Association, experts for the Shenzhen Intellectual Property Professional Committee, Executive Director of the Shenzhen Intellectual Property Research Association, mediation experts for the Shenzhen Intellectual Property Dispute Mediation Center, and arbitrators at the Shenzhen Arbitration Commission. V&T Intellectual Property Firm works closely with V&T Law Firm to provide high-quality and comprehensive intellectual property legal services.




Our Values


Intelligence  Innovation  Professionalism  Efficiency



Our services include


  • Entrusted operation and management of intellectual property;
  • Intellectual property investigations for equity investments in innovative enterprises;
  • Intellectual property consulting for: patent portfolios, IP infringement warnings and avoidance, patent alliances and internal training, due diligence of intellectual property for enterprise listings and restructurings, patent insurance, and investments and financings;
  • Patent applications, PCT patent applications, patent reexaminations, patent invalidations, litigation, infringement analyses, patent application changes, transfers, licensing and pledge registrations, patent literature searches, legal status searches and inquiries, patent annual fee management, foreign patent searches, writing, translating and filing patent applications under the Paris treaty, and responding to the actions of foreign patent offices;
  • Trademark applications, registrations, changes, licenses, transfers, renewals, trademark objections, trademark rejections, revocation reviews, invalidation declarations and reviews, registration reviews, well-known trademark identifications, and foreign trademark agency (including overseas single-country registrations, Madrid international Trademark Registrations, EU Trademark Registrations, and African Intellectual Property Organization trademark registrations);
  • Computer software registrations, copyright registrations, and integrated circuit layout design registrations;
  • National high-tech enterprise certifications, Shenzhen high-tech enterprise certifications, intellectual property standard implementations, dual-software certifications, and other government project declarations like dominant enterprises and model enterprises;
  • Administrative complaints and litigation, civil litigation and criminal litigation agency for patents, trademarks, and copyrights;
  • Customs filings and protection of intellectual property;
  • Intellectual property consultation, investigations, and evidence collection; anti-unfair competition legal issues involving counterfeit goods, business names, and trade names; contract drafting, negotiations, translation of technical legal documents, foreign investments, and the assessment of intangible assets; 
  • Intellectual property issues related to China’s Belt and Road initiative.