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V&T Performance|V&T Helped Wind Power Industry Equity Investment Projects Advance Smoothly

Recently, V&T I.LAW lawyer team, guided by the goal of achieving “double carbon” goal and taking “double carbon” compliance as the business entry point, has continued to providing quality legal services to new energy enterprises including wind power industry by taking M&A in new energy field as the main grasp and combining its business advantages in the field of digital intelligence, and has provided full process legal services for the leading enterprises in wind power field to complete the due diligence of upstream and downstream industry chain equity investment. V&T I.LAW's legal team has conducted a thorough legal investigation of the current situation and problems of the industry to the target companies through on-site visits, field investigations, and interviews with the clients and the main responsible person of the investment target companies, etc.

In order to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions and to respond to the global call to combat climate change, the Party Central Committee has proposed carbon reduction targets of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. The demand for renewable energy is growing continuously. Due to its abundance of total resources, ability to save energy and protect the environment, and high level of operational and managerial automation, wind energy has emerged as one of the most developed and utilized renewable energy sources.

Vertical mergers and acquisitions by companies engaged in the wind power industry to broaden the upstream and downstream industry chains have expanded the application scenarios, stimulated and driven the industry's upstream and downstream depth of synergy, and worked together to create an industry chain upstream and downstream relationships that are complementary, mutually beneficial and synergistic, with the extension of the downstream deep processing industry chain effectively integrating resources and improving efficiency, helping to promote industrial transformation and upgrading. On the issue of wind power industry upstream and downstream connection, national and local government departments promulgated a number of industrial policies. For instance, the State Council issued the Carbon Peak Action Plan by 2030, proposing to promote the coordinated and rapid development of wind power, and improve the wind power industry chain.

V&T I.LAW's team of lawyers is committed to helping enterprises achieve the unification of economic and social benefits while providing quality legal services for enterprises to optimize the layout of their industrial structure. In addition, V&T I.LAW has also taken on the social responsibility of legal professionals by promoting decarbonization with expert services and assisting businesses in promoting their equity investment projects. 

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