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V&T Performance|V&T Helped Shandong Marine Energy Group's LNG Vessel Project Successfully Land

Recently, under the leadership of lawyer Huang Weijie, a partner of V&T’s Shanghai office, V&T helped Shandong Marine Energy Group's LNG vessel project to land successfully.

This project involves a financial leasing company to purchase a 145,000 square meters LNG vessel from GasLog Partners LP, a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, through its SPV company, and lease it to Shandong Marine Energy (Singapore) Co., Ltd. for operation through bareboat charter. V&T provided comprehensive legal services on the sale and purchase of the LNG vessel, registration, bareboat charter, downstream charter, guarantee, and other arrangements as Shandong Marine Energy (Singapore) Co., Ltd’s legal advisor for this project. Recently, the project was effectively completed. Additionally, this project is the financial leasing company's first operating lease project.

Shandong Marine Energy (Singapore) Co., Ltd. belongs to Shandong Marine Energy Co., Ltd. and is a provincial enterprise under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Shandong Province. In accordance with its 14th Five-Year Plan, the company is vigorously laying out a business system with offshore oil and gas engineering services, offshore clean energy transportation services and clean energy supply services as the core around the offshore clean energy industry chain, forming an integrated development pattern of upstream offshore oil and gas development, midstream offshore clean energy transportation and downstream energy supply services.

This project was led by partner lawyer Huang Weijie, with the participation of lawyer Feng Kai and lawyer Ren Weizhe, while partner lawyer Ying Songbo and paralegal Deng Hao also provided some support to this project.

In 2022, the team provided legal services to clients on the sale and purchase and financing of many vessels, serving clients including shipowners and financial leasing companies. The vessels up for sale, purchase, or financing include LNG ships, a number of VLCC ships, and a number of dry bulk ships. Our team is also offering comprehensive legal support for two projects involving new wind energy engineering vessels (new-building + financial leasing + downstream charter).

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