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Carbon Peak & Neutrality, Natural Resources

Business Profile

The carbon peaking and carbon neutrality and natural resources professional committee is officially established by V&T and experts in politics, industry, education, research, application, capital and other fields. The Committee aims to serve the “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” goals, to promote compliance management, to promote the green and sustainable development of the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality market, and to provide clients with whole-processed, contextualized, market-oriented and strategic legal services.


In the field of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality and natural resources legal services, V&T carbon peaking and carbon neutrality and natural resources professional committee will make its comprehensive service advantages at full capacity,and provide high-quality and efficient legal services in the field of carbon peak and carbon neutralization for the government, large industrial enterprises, energy enterprises, transportation enterprises, architecture and building materials enterprises, agricultural and forestry enterprises, carbon exchanges, technology R&D enterprises, securities investment institutions and other clients.


The services of V&T carbon peaking and carbon neutrality and natural resources professional committee includes without limitation:promoting the whole society's understanding of the “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” goals through public education on carbon knowledge; carrying out research on carbon emission reduction in key industries by stages and industries and forming research reports; providing clients with carbon management capacity training, evaluation, demonstration and other activities by making use of think tank resources; Focusing on the possible impact and negative impact of the “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals on specific industries and groups, and assisting clients to establish risk control and compliance mechanism; providing comprehensive legal services such as consultation, agenting, evaluating and demonstrating for disputes arising from carbon quota, carbon emission, carbon verification, carbon trading, carbon asset management and other activities; Paying attention to the cutting-edge legal issues in the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality field, and learning from the advanced practical experience at home and abroad, and building a professional cooperation platform in subdivided industries.



Our legal services include:


  • Carbon emission rights registration legal services
  • Carbon emission planning legal services
  • Corporate carbon emission compliance services
  • Carbon emission rights trading legal services
  • Carbon emission rights trading dispute settlement 
  • Carbon neutrality information services
  • Carbon asset management and development legal services
  • Carbon exchange member units mediation legal services
  • Legal services for legal risk prevention and control of key emission units
  • Carbon emission verification and supervision legal services
  • Compliance planning for the formulation of CCER project 
  • Environmental protection and energy saving project compliance 
  • Carbon emission reduction trading legal services
  • Carbon emission reduction quota management legal services
  • Carbon peaking and carbon neutrality project planning for government and enterprises
  • Planning of voluntary emission reduction projects for government and enterprises
  • Near-zero carbon park establishment and operation legal services
  • Legal services for prevention and control of investors' rights and interests in carbon neutrality industry
  • Investment and financing services for the carbon industry
  • Carbon asset taxation legal services
  • Carbon finance and derivatives development legal services
  • Carbon fund bond issuance legal services
  • Carbon neutrality for enterprise standard, group standard, and industry standard formulation
  • Patent application for energy-saving, and emission reduction, carbon verification and monitoring technologies
  • Trademark registration in the field of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality 
Service Performance
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  • 永城陆冠风能永城宝塔16MW分散式风电项目 南京风电科技有限公司
  • 江西华电宜春丰顶山48MW风电场项目 南京风电科技有限公司
  • 淮安中恒99MW风电项目 南京风电科技有限公司
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  • 南京风电科技有限公司与中国二冶集团有限公司的合同纠纷 南京风电科技有限公
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  • 吴起大益山五谷城48兆瓦分散式风电项目 深圳市深国际融资租赁有限公司
  • 鑫能海丰县赤坑镇50MW渔光互补电站项目 深圳市深国际融资租赁有限公司
  • 山西诺辉新能源发电有限公司15MW分散式风电项目 深圳市深国际融资租赁有限公司
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  • 河南帆顺白马10MW分散式风电项目 国家电投集团电能核电设备有限公司
  • 上海助能永城高庄分散式12MW风电场项目 深圳高速新能源控股有限公司
  • 上海助能永城沱滨分散式20MW风电场项目 深圳高速新能源控股有限公司
  • 宁夏中卫甘塘风电场三道湍49.5MW风电项目 深圳高速新能源控股有限公司/国家电投集团电能核电设备有限公司
  • 菏泽市巨野县昌光一期50MW风电项目 深圳高速新能源控股有限公司/国家电投集团电能核电设备有限公司
  • 吴起大益山五谷城48兆瓦分散式风电项目 深圳高速新能源控股有限公司/国家电投集团电能核电设备有限公司
  • 山西诺辉新能源发电有限公司15MW分散式风电项目 深圳高速新能源控股有限公司/国家电投集团电能核电设备有限公司
  • 山西冠航风光能源有限公司20MW分散式风电项目 深圳高速新能源控股有限公司/国家电投集团电能核电设备有限公司
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