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Banking & Finance

Business Profile

Banking & finance has always been one of V&T’s main practice areas. With over 20 years devoted to banking and finance, V&T Law Firm has a good command of compliance, transaction structure design, legal due diligence, contract drafting and review, and the issuance of legal opinions in this area. Through our research and understanding of legal and financial supervision policies, as well as creative structural design, we have helped many clients successfully complete many transactions.


Our clients include Chinese banks, joint-venture banks, subsidiaries and branches of foreign banks in China, insurance companies, trust companies, finance companies, auto financing companies, financial leasing companies, and private funds. After years of assisting major financial institutions, our firm has accumulated a great deal of experience in providing financial legal services. 



Our legal services include:


  • Long-term legal counseling for financial institutions
  • Compliance, risk identification and prevention systems
  • Market access of commercial banks, non-bank financial intermediaries and foreign financial institutions, shareholding, and acquisition of bank shares
  • Legal services for financial futures, options, and other derivatives
  • Restructuring, bankruptcy, and liquidation of financial institutions
  • Stockholding system reform for urban credit cooperatives, rural credit cooperatives, and small-scale rural financial institutions
  • Regulatory, compliance, and legal services for trusts, insurance and securities companies
  • Insurance fund utilization, investment plans, insurance asset management plans, and legal services
  • Legal services for trust companies, including long-term services, and specific services for establishment of trust plans and investments
  • Asset securitization
  • Non-performing asset disposal, debt restructuring, and asset restructuring
  • Internet finance
Service Performance
  • 恒丰银行股份有限公司西安分行的银行业务
  • 苏州银行股份有限公司的专项法律服务
  • 温州银行股份有限公司杭州城北小微企业专营支行法律服务
  • 中国民生银行股份有限公司深圳分行的专项法律服务
  • 招商银行股份有限公司深圳分行的专项法律服务
  • 平安银行股份有限公司深圳分公司的其他专项事务
  • 深圳龙岗鼎业村镇银行股份有限公司的企业法律顾问
  • 中国银行股份有限公司湖北省分行的企业法律顾问
  • 渤海银行股份有限公司深圳分行的专项法律服务
  • 中国建设银行股份有限公司深圳市分行的专项法律服务
  • 南洋商业银行(中国)有限公司的专项法律服务
  • 中国银行股份有限公司深圳中心区支行的其他专项事务
  • 中信证券-华润置地重庆万象城资产支持专项计划
  • 融汇系列定向资产支持票据项目
  • 中金-深圳华润大厦资产支持专项计划
  • 中信证券-成都中海国际中心绿色资产支持专项计划
  • 中信证券印力-印象4号资产支持专项计划
  • 中金-广州开发区融资租赁绿色资产支持专项计划
  • 朝阳区金融服务办公室网贷转型小额贷款公司的专项法律服务
  • 为深圳市票据宝金融服务有限公司提供企业法律顾问
  • 为陕西禹龙汇金融资担保有限公司提供企业法律顾问
  • 为太平石化金融租赁有限责任公司提供企业法律顾问
  • 平安证券-嘉元系列资产支持专项计划
  • 华夏资本-金地火花长租公寓资产支持专项计划
  • 南方资本-一方永熙供应链金融系列资产支持专项计划
  • 平安证券-一方瑞新供应链金融系列资产支持专项计划
  • 国信证券-链融科技供应链金融系列资产支持专项计划
  • 平安资产管理有限责任公司的法律顾问
  • 交银施罗德-链鑫融供应链1-30期资产支持专项计划(“N+N项目”)
  • 中国民生银行深圳分行与某有限公司、某集团有限公司的合同纠纷
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