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Digital Economy

Business Profile

Digital legal business is one of our emerging legal business fields.


V&T has established cooperation with many supervision departments, well-known platforms and enterprises, technical service operating agencies and operating organizations from the emerging information technology and digital field. We possess abundant resources in the field of digital technology, digital finance, digital industries and digital law, which make us capable of providing our clients with scenario, integrated, whole-process and strategic legal services. 


In the field of legal law, V&T provides whole-industry chain legal and compliance service targeting digital industries and digital transformation, which covers the following service subjects: network security supervision departments, block chain technology enterprises, state-owned enterprises, new technology enterprises, concrete enterprises of building engineering, investment institutions, bazaars of agricultural products, hotel management enterprises, real estate development enterprises, non-profit foundation and platforms, related medias and bulk commodities trading enterprises. V&T’s legal service links include but are not limited to: Starting from accurately grasping digital technology logic, satisfying the needs of business scenarios related to digital legal services as the ingenious core service, offering data & information, electronic data and evidence, digital assets and legal service of digital currency risk control to various market and supervision subjects in the field of industry digitization, digital industry and governance digitization and providing agency and legal risk prevention service against disputes resolution in the activity process of digital economy.



Our legal services include:


  • Compliance and legal service for data & information safety and protection
  • Finance and tax legal service of digital assets
  • Risk control and interests protection of intelligent algorithm
  • Network platform security and anti-monopoly law services
  • Legal service for users rights and benefits protection of network platform 
  • Blockchain integral model development and compliance legal service
  • Legal service for compliance of digital assets 
  • Legal service for compliance of smart contract 
  • Legal service for governance compliance of digital community
  • Legal service for legal risks control related to the rights and interests of digital industry investors
  • Patent application, technical know-how management and trademark registration 
Service Performance
  • 上海青碧磐石文化传媒有限公司的企业法律顾问
  • 树泉科技(杭州)有限公司的企业法律顾问
  • 中数文科技有限公司的专项法律顾问
  • 为视觉(中国)文化发展股份有限公司区块链业务提供法律服务
  • 为上海万向区块链股份公司提供专项法律服务
  • 为腾讯区块链业务提供专项法律服务
  • 为上海艺九文化传播有限公司提供法律服务
  • 为易链科技(深圳)有限公司提供法律服务
  • 为北京溯安链科技有限公司提供法律服务
  • 为北京人民汇金科技有限公司提供法律服务
  • 为上海交通大学苏州人工智能研究院提供法律服务
  • 广东博维创远科技有限公司“小包公”智能定罪量刑大数据系统
  • 浙大正呈科技有限公司法律顾问(主营北斗导航业务)
  • 某外籍民事主体涉嫌数字货币非法吸收公众存款案
  • 北京亦来云科技有限公司专项法律顾问(主营区块链公链技术开发)
  • 上海艾链科技有限公司法律顾问(主营区块链媒体“链上人才”)
  • 上海维链客科技有限公司法律顾问(主营区块链产业投资)
  • 上海珺和电子商务有限公司区块链专项法律服务(主营基于区块链电子商务)
  • 上海玄贝科技有限公司区块链法律顾问(主营区块链方案咨询与技术开发)
  • 上海二秒科技有限公司区块链专项法律顾问(主营区块链技术开发)
  • 上海新卷信息技术有限公司区块链法律顾问(主营数字贸易平台开发)
  • 辽宁省重要技术创新及研发基地建设工程中心区块链研究与应用特聘专家
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